River Bottom Farms is Located just outside of San Marcos Texas looking out at the Edwards Escarpment and bordering the spring fed San Marcos River. It lies at the beginning to the Black Land Prairie, a deposit of rich black clay high in nutrient and very good at retaining ever vital moister. In realizing the lands potential to raise high quality produce and an already existing cattle herd, Hank Davis started River Bottom Farms. Being Raised with a Father and Grandfather who always kept a large garden, fruit orchard and herd of cattle he had years of experience. Though the years River Bottom Farms has grown to Include over 5 acres of Vegetable Gardens, a first year Fruit Orchard, a perennial Herb Garden and a steadily growing supply of Pastured Beef.  

  We believe in producing quality, safe produce with a the excellent flavor you would expect from a backyard a garden. River Bottom Farms follows Organic Farming Practices and takes Sustainable measures to ensure that we continue to bring you Our quality Produce and Meats for years to come. River Bottom Farms Participates in several Local Farmer's Markets in the area and have a Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) Membership Program.

  100 acres of the beautiful Black Land Prairie is home to a Herd of many Happy Cows, one Large Bull and mix of the cutest Calves you've ever seen. All of our Steers are born and raised on the Farm, so they get the best possible care and food though out their life. We have a variety of different cuts of meat for purchase separately and a program to get half or whole steers processed to your liking.  

   Explore the links on VegetablesPastured Beef and CSA Program to learn more about what River Bottom Farms has to offer and how to get a hold of our product. Also don't forget to sign up for our Email list to keep up to date with us on the farm.